Cool World

A genetic catastrophe has left the young in charge of a fallen world. Crumbling cities are organised into the School System run by Head Boy, Mason Shields. Adults, lost and alone, wander Subarbaria whilst the old are herded into desolate compounds. A brutal murder in one such compound is witnessed by two teenagers, Joshwa and Mree, who become both hunted and hunters, forced to battle powerful, ruthless enemies. Can they defeat the undefeatable and save humanity?

“Cool World” is an unusual, gripping and thought provoking story with challenging ideas sure to get readers discussing the world in which they live and what the future might hold.

Contains mature themes and scenes. Recommended ages 12 and above. Not suitable for younger readers.

Age Range: 12+
Size: 198mm x 129mm
Format: ‘B’ paperback
Pages: 352
Word Count: 65,000
Published: January 2013
ISBN: 978-1-908577-37-5
RRP: UK £6.99

Cover of Cool World


The first thing was to free the ex-Heads of Houses, or at least some of them, and form a common purpose. Then they had to let the city know exactly what had happened because ignorance was not bliss.

  • Extract: The Compound

    Extract: The Compound

    The Joyrider screeched to a grinding halt on the edge of the compound with a second bike a moment later kicking up a thick whirlwind of dust and stopping beside it. Two riders climbed off each, boys on one, girls on the other, the lead riders wearing jet black outfits with mirrored visors, the two passengers dull, undistinguished, probably borrowed gear.

    The boy in the black suit removed his helmet and looked around with contempt at the dismal scene and a moment later the black suited girl did the same, shaking loose a thick tangle of dark hair to reveal a stunningly beautiful face spoiled only by a trace of something resembling cruelty. Although only seventeen, she had an expression that seemed to know it all and was as contemptuous of the compound as the boy, grimacing at the unpleasant smells and turning up her collar as if it might afford some protection from the dust, dirt and decay.

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