Meet Me Halfway

Is there one special person, some place, some time, to make our lives complete? How, in all the confusions of this world, could we meet?

Ambreen and JinhaI, separated by so much, come together in a dance of interweaving destinies.

This unique story is written and presented like no other.

For young adult readers.

Age Range: 13+
Size: 198mm x 129mm
Format: ‘B’ paperback
Pages: 336
Published: November 2019
ISBN: 978-1-908577-90-0
RRP: UK £8.99

Book cover


‘Did you find love, Mrs Pai?’

‘Everyday, Jinhai, everyday.’

  • Extract : Jinhai alone

    Extract : Jinhai alone

    Jin had come home that night, making sure to walk as slowly as possible, to find that Claude had left. This had been a great relief to him. He didn’t want to deal with the aftermath of his father’s tantrum, nor did he want to sneak into the Amoris to hide again and risk worrying Takumi’s mother. When he’d tentatively let himself in, he’d found Claude’s things gone and the apartment scattered – but at least he was alone.

  • Friendships


    Jin has never been the best at making friends, partially because he’s too awkward but mostly because he doesn’t quite understand the idea of being close to someone. He was alone for at least half of first grade in spite of his teachers’ many attempts to remedy this.
    Takumi and Angelico had been the ones to approach him – casually, in that carefree way only kids can seem to muster – by suddenly asking if he had any collectable cards to trade. Having never even heard of the show they were talking about, he didn’t, but that seemed to fuel inside them a desire to share.

  • Bully


    As bullies come, Spencer is on the cleverer side. He does small, mean things, like nitpick at Jin’s appearance, chipping away at his self-esteem when no one else is listening. He likes to hiss his insults like a puffed up snake. The one thing Jin envies about him is that smooth, mask-like expression that he adopts whenever someone else looks their way. It’s impossible to see through. Why can’t he do something like that? If he could put that face on whenever he’s being scolded or shouted at, wouldn’t that be nice? It beats the heck out of crying, anyway.

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    Reviews, Contacts and Links

    Meet Me Halfway is an extraordinary book, mythical and mystical, presented in a unique was to reflect the theme of destinies coming together.