Three for a Girl, Four for a Boy

Emma is one of the rare few who can see their spiritual guardian, known as a SCAR. Suraya, just like the others of her kind, takes the form of a rat as she watches over her fourteen-year-old charge, assisted by a group of magpies. Guided by Suraya’s wisdom, Emma navigates a roller coaster of emotions at home and school.

Three for a Girl, Four for a Boy is a unique, thoughtful and challenging book by the author of Ernest Simba.

Age Range: 12+
Size: 198mm x 129mm
Format: ‘B’ paperback
Pages: 240
Word Count: 40,500
Published: September 2020
ISBN: 978-1-908577-96-2
RRP: UK £6.99



I felt glad that he’d invited me to join him. He was nice. Not like Liam nice, and I anyway got the feeling that girls were never going to be his thing..

  • Extract [click links to expand]

    Extract [click links to expand]

    My head was already peeping out of the top of Emma’s bag when she approached the cakes and I immediately recognised the arm that reached out to hug her face. Only one limb was that skinny, and had nails that ragged. He had loosely tied up his serpents of twisted hair in his girlfriend’s blue rag, and as he cupped Emma’s chin in his hand, I itched to sink something into it. Teeth or claws. Both would have the desired effect. Ten minutes later as he fawned over Adele with his sycophantic piece of gold, I wished that I had.

    Our girls spent the rest of the afternoon huddled at the side of the hall, watching everyone else revelling in the celebratory atmosphere. Liam was patted and playfully punched, and Adele’s new golden chain was admired and envied.

  • Catherine and Ernest

    Catherine and Ernest


  • Ernest at Foyles

    Ernest at Foyles

    Ernest at Foyles



    Because of Covid, we’ve had to delay publishing until September. As it is October at the time of writing, the book should be available now, either in stock or to order from most bookshops, and online at the usual suspects.