A Boy Arrives

For Grimwood Streep, life at Dunnydark Hall has lost some of its sparkle. But things are about to change. One sunny morning, a boy arrives, and life will never be the same again…

A Boy Arrives is a gentle, funny and touching story to delight children and adults alike.

Longlisted in The Times/Chicken House Competition for Best Children’s Book in 2008.

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Age Range: 10+
Size: 198mm x 129mm
Format: ‘B’paperback
Pages: 208
Word Count: 43,500
Published: October 2012
ISBN: 978-1-908577-33-7
RRP: £6.99
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Cover of A Boy Arrives


Jimbo entered, on foot. With him were three other children in fairy costumes and a taller child who was dressed like an elf. To Eric in his fevered and hysterical state they looked like strange, unearthy beings, assassins from another world.

  • Extract: Marmaduke Gibbon

    Extract: Marmaduke Gibbon

    As Grimwood descended the stairs he was surprised to hear the doorbell ring yet again. He shook off the idea that it was another boy come to sell him commemorative cutlery, and, Molesbury being still busy upstairs, decided to answer it himself.
    There was a stranger at the door. He wore a dark suit and an even darker coat, and had a smile that was more frightening than most people’s snarls.
    “Good morning,” said the stranger. “Though I would like to stress that by ‘Good Morning’ I make no inference or guarantee that the morning is good. It is merely a commonly used form of greeting, frequently encountered in polite society. My name is Marmaduke Gibbon.”
    “I’m very sorry to hear that,” said Grimwood, who was by no means immune to the suffering of others. “Why are you here?”

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    Click image to watch Mat Dame’s animation from “A Boy Arrives”


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Book dedications have always intrigued me, but so far I’ve never seen a website dedication. Perhaps this is the first. As it says in The Last Garden, “So special, so loved, so missed.” This little dedication is For Ana.