Byte, The Computer Mite

Byte pops out of little Peotry Willow’s computer to learn about The Outside.

All he wants is knowledge but misunderstands so much of what he sees, especially Human Errors.

On the path to knowledge he masters complicated computer games in a few seconds, disrupts an entire school, turns a supermarket upside down, solves a cyber crime and brings the world to the edge of nuclear war!

Will he find what he seeks and discover True Wisdom?

This is a charming, funny and exciting story for young readers with enquiring minds.

Age Range: 7+
Size: 198mm x 129mm
Format: ‘B’paperback
Pages: 208
Word Count: 29,000
Published: April 2012
ISBN: 978-0-9566342-2-1
RRP: £6.99
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Cover of Byte


“The librarian told me today that the world was flat,” said Byte. “She showed me flat countries in a flat book. The Outside is a mystery to me,” he sighed, “just like The Inside is a mystery to you.”

  • Extract: Rules

    Extract: Rules

    Byte quickly found his way around. He couldn’t read the writing of Human Errors, but he understood the meaning of things in his own way and soon knew the titles of all the books in the library. He even found ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and ‘Cinderella’. But knowing these things didn’t satisfy him.

    “There must be more to books than names,” he said to himself, “just as there is more to Byte than Byte and more to Peotry Willow than Peotry Willow.”

    Saying Peotry’s name made him wonder for a moment about his new friend, but because he had never known friendship, only rules, he didn’t understand what it was to worry about somebody else or for someone else to worry about him.

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    The School Librarian

    Six-year-old Peotry (correct spelling) is amazed when a miniscule little man leaps from her computer eager to understand the world outside his life within the machine. Peotry tries keeping him secret but her family soon find out and are suitably amazed. There then begins a series of adventures in which Byte tries to understand the world outside which is peopled by Human Errors. This involves him in all sorts of scrapes including a power cut which affects the whole country and wrecking the business of the local supermarket.

    A light read which doesn’t quite accomplish the philosophising to which it aspires. Certainly suitable for able primary-school readers but might get them looking for little people in their electrical equipment.

    Lin Smith

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