Circle Cinnabar

Driven by the Christmas spirit, the mice of Oceanworld and Nightworld set off to help free an enslaved Goldworld homehole at the Crossing of Kings.

Cinnabar, Tiffani, Mocha and Tootle rally the troops in this, the third Tubemice story set on the London Underground.

For humans aged 10 to 12 and equivalent rodents.

Age Range: 10-12
Size: 198mm x 129mm
Format: B Paperback
Pages: 176
Word Count: 29,000
Published: November 2017
ISBN: 978-1-908577-71-9
RRP: £5.99

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Mocha didn’t have time to answer. A small part of the tunnel near their paws suddenly fell away and out poured an army of black ants.

  • Song of Nightworld

    Song of Nightworld

    Hades sat in one corner, watching. Her eyes lit up as if she was expecting something special, and it was special, but she had to concentrate hard on reading the mouth movements and nesthole vibrations. Somehow, she got the music and the message even though she could not hear as the others heard.
    Shadow sang while the four others hummed a mysterious accompaniment. On the second verse, Nebula sang and the others hummed the soft accompaniment.

  • Reviews, Contacts and Links

    Reviews, Contacts and Links

    Circle Cinnabar is the third in a series about the mice of Tubeworld. The others are Piccadilly Mitzie and Jubilee Joe. All are thoughtful books for thoughtful children and keenly intelligent, open-minded and astute adults.

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Book dedications have always intrigued me, but so far I’ve never seen a website dedication. Perhaps this is the first. As it says in The Last Garden, “So special, so loved, so missed.” This little dedication is For Ana.