Growing Up In Babylon

Ten years after the end of WW2, many families are still affected by the conflict. Parents have been lost or are unable to care for their children. War is never over even after peace is declared.

Twins Kay and Kitty find themselves in an orphanage whilst their parents recover from wounds and illness. There, they make new friends, fend off enemies and learn about the gentler as well as crueller sides of life. Adults are not always models of integrity and growing up is difficult, especially in a strange environment.

For readers aged 10 and over.

Age Range: 10+
Size: 198mm x 129mm
Format: ‘B’ paperback
Pages: 224 pages
Published: March 2017

ISBN: 978-1-908577-62-7

RRP: £6.99



“I’ve a mind to punish you all now. Such insolence and cheek from children!”

  • Extract: Reunited

    Extract: Reunited

    “Has anything happened while I’ve been gone?” Kay asked.
    Kitty told her what Nurse Morton had done to Elizabeth but Kay didn’t seem to take it in. Maybe she was too tired or maybe she didn’t picture it clearly, but she sighed and said she needed to sleep for a week.

    Kitty didn’t want to believe that Kay didn’t care, so she thought that she hadn’t described what happened properly or that it was impossible if someone hadn’t been there to see how cruel Nurse Morton had been. Besides, she was so overjoyed to see her twin back safe and sound, she wanted just for a few moments to lay aside all other ills. To see Kay there, alive and well after so many terrible imaginings was a joy beyond joys. She was so relieved she would have done anything to express her gratitude. Instead, she gave Kay a big hug just before Matron returned.

  • Extract: Breakfast

    Extract: Breakfast

    By eight o’clock they were all ready and went down to line up at the dining room. Again they went in and sat in silence. The breakfast table had nothing appetizing to offer. No juice, no hot porridge, no hot buttered toast, no jam, no marmalade, nothing, just some dry cereal and powdery milk which had formed clumps that floated on top of the weak, watery surface.
    “It’s horrid!” said Kay. “I can’t drink that,” and she pushed the bowl of soggy mush away.
    A voice cut the air and stilled the whisperings of the children.
    “You! New girl! Stand!”
    Kay looked around to see who was standing but with a slowly unravelling horror realized that the commanding voice was directed at her. She looked at the nurse who had issued the order but was too scared to move. Abbie, sitting next to her, whispered, “Just stand. Say ‘Yes ma’am’. Go on.”

  • Extract: Nurse Morton

    Extract: Nurse Morton

    Harriet gazed into Nurse Morton’s steely grey eyes like a rabbit transfixed by car headlights. Her mind glazed over and her blood flowed icy cold. She didn’t understand what was happening. Where was Elizabeth? Elizabeth should have been there to save her.
    “I asked you a simple enough question, girl. Do you or do you not know the rules?”
    Harriet did not know the rules. She had some faint recollection of something Elizabeth had told her, not to run in the corridors, but it hardly seemed important. She felt suddenly very faint and her tummy started to ache. She was rooted to the spot.
    Nurse Morton turned red. There were many things in life she hated, but the one she hated most of all was meekness. Never mind what the bible said about such a quality inheriting the Earth, that was nonsense. A girl like Harriet would inherit nothing except trouble and be nothing but a burden to the society she lived in. If she were not taught a lesson now, she would never learn what living was all about. And it brought out the worst in her. Faced with aggression, Nurse Morton thought twice, but faced with timidity, she flew into a terrible rage.

  • Cover Artist

    Cover Artist

    The cover artist is Ellie Roe, currently somewhere in the southern hemisphere travelling and doing beautiful things.

    Click HERE for her site on Etsy. If the link does not work, refresh the page then use the right mouse button with, “Open link in new tab”.