Jeremiah Blum

Jeremiah Blum treats others badly. He disrespects his parents and classmates but cannot understand what is wrong with other people, why they cannot see him for the wonderful person he knows himself to be.

Fate intervenes when he is hospitalized after an accident and meets the mysterious Nurse Alby Wheatly – spirit, demon or madman, who can say? Certainly, Jeremiah cannot.

He will learn in the most astonishing way that you can never outrun who and what you are. Wherever he goes, even into other lives, the past follows.

What might your history be?

Age Range: 10+
Size: 198mm x 129mm
Format: ‘B’paperback
Pages: 144
Word Count: 30,000
Published: August 2019
ISBN: 978-1-908577-89-4
RRP: £6.99

Cover of Jeremiah Blum


He was starting to think that there was no point in trying to work out a lot of things to do with Nurse Alby.

  • Extract: Stealing

    Extract: Stealing

    Jeremiah flushed. The game suddenly felt very real and personal. At first, he was so uncomfortable that he was going to call an end to it all by throwing one of his dramatic tantrums, then it all seemed like a waste of time.
    There was also the fact that he could not be sure what might happen if his mother discovered that he had stolen a picture from a library book.
    “Where is the picture from?” he asked.
    Nurse Alby laughed. “You should read the backs of things when you decide to take something.”
    He raised his hand holding the cup, however there was no longer a cup. Instead, he held a folded piece of glossy paper. With a flick of his hand the paper unravelled and revealed a most beautiful looking white landscape, taken in black and white.

  • Author


    Gillian Bridé Duce (aka Gillian Bridé Madell) is an Australian author and philosophical poet who has had several books and many articles on varying subjects published, some of which have been translated into other languages.