Piccadilly Mitzie

Mitzie lives at Manor House, an ordinary station on the Piccadilly Line, but Mitzie is no ordinary mouse – she can read the writing of the Tunnellers. Intrigued by all the station names, she decides to go exploring.

All alone she sets out on an adventure which grows and grows.

Piccadilly Mitzie is the first in a series about the mice of Tubeworld. All are thoughtful books for thoughtful children and keenly intelligent, open-minded and astute adults.

Age Range: 8+
Size: 198mm x 129mm
Format: B Paperback
Pages: 160
Word Count: 29,000
Published: 2009
Second Edition: 2016
ISBN: 978-0-955096-6-7
RRP: £5.99

Cover of Picadilly Mitzie


Into the blackness came a glowing, golden mouse.

  • Extract: The Hole in the World

    Extract: The Hole in the World

    They got to their paws and looked around for the nearest dark corner. Once there, they peered into the Tunnellers’ Heaven, known to Tunnellers themselves as the ticket hall.

    There was something in the air which made their little noses twitch. Some way beyond them, fascinating and mysterious, loomed a blackness that was neither tunnel nor mouseway. It was a hole in the world through which they felt rather than saw the shadows of the Tunnellers’ Realm. From it there blew a cold, damp air the like of which they had never breathed. Both were awestruck.

    “Is that their heaven?” asked Turnip.
    “Maybe,” said Boswell, “and if it is, then maybe that’s an angel!”
    He pointed to a Tunneller sweeping the floor of the ticket hall looking rather more grumpy than angelic.
    “Come on,” said Boswell. “We must go down.”
    “Down!” said Turnip. “Aren’t we here forever?” He’d given up on the idea of a return journey.