Star Games

Oliver Togg is selected to represent Earth in a Galactic Olympic Competition the like of which has never been seen before. Will he win, or is winning not that important to extra-terrestrials who value friendship, sportsmanship and knowledge above gold medals.

Star Games is a funny, cheeky and exciting tour through the Milky Way, led by little Oliver Togg who has a lot to prove, to Olympius and to Earth, but most of all to himself.

This is a new edition to coincide, almost, with the London Olympics. It has a new cover and wonderful illustrations by talented young artist Felix Leone.

Age Range: 8+
Size: 198mm x 129mm
Format: ‘B’ paperback
Pages: 224
Word Count: 51,000
Published: November 2012
ISBN: 978-1-908577-38-2

Cover of Star Games


Oliver stared at the volcanoes, one after another, spitting flames and boiling lava. It looked like pictures he’d seen of Earth when it was just getting started, black and red and vicious, but awesome.

  • Extract: The Nominees

    Extract: The Nominees

    Suffice it to say, these children, all aged twelve, all bright, all handsome, all top of their classes, all good or very good at sports, all became household names. A thousand others got mentions in the newspapers and their parents cut out the mentions and either framed them or stuck them into scrapbooks. It was a wonderful honour even to be considered and the parents were either over the moons of Saturn or sick as the parrots on Arcturus One (though they didn

  • Hmbrand


    On another table, Hmbrand watched but never smiled. He seemed put out that they were having such a good time without him, so, like a lot of people who just will not be ignored, he came over to put in his two pence worth.
    “So, Earth boy is funny, is he?”
    Jez looked at Hmbrand as if he were a flea that had landed on her nose.
    “Funnier than you, Hmbrand. Anyone’s funnier than you.”
    “I can tell you a joke,” he said. “Listen.”

  • Millie


    Milly hurried away and Oliver was left staring at his practise javelin which hung from his hand in a forlorn way. He returned it to the storage bay then went to find Leo, Jez and the others.
    Milly’s capsule was deep red, like the supergiant star around which her ancient world still orbited. Limerin was one of the cleverest planets and Milly’s capsule was one of the cleverest of all. It had a mind of its own as they all did, but Milly’s seemed brighter and more interested in what was happening and especially in Oliver who was embarrassed to get into conversation with a machine.

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