Measuring The World

Journey with Kimberly Paula Hetherington as she travels the world in search of wisdom and understanding.

With over twenty delightful illustrations by Emily Woodthorpe and Desislava Georgieva, and a simple text, this little gift book will charm and intrigue in equal measure.

Philosophy with a ruler.

Age Range: Adult
Genre: Gift Book
Size: 148 × 105 mm
Format: Hardback
Pages: 108
Word Count: Not many
Images 20+
Published: November 2021
ISBN: 978-1-8380247-0-3
RRP: UK £9.99

Cover Image


Her parents hugged her to pieces and Gonka jumped straight on to her lap.

  • What is it?

    What is it?

    An idea that arrived in a second, took forever to shape, is read in a moment and remains infinitely baffling, mostly to me. Who is it for? Let it be a gift for someone you love.

    Publisher’s Note

    This most unusual little book has few words but a sublime message. The problem is, no one seems to know what the message means. I don’t, nor do the creators. It is one of those odd little gems that haunts you, but in a thoughtful and kind way. We think it would be lovely as a gift, hence the ‘Belongs To’ page at the beginning. Maybe pick it up when you’re down and lay it down when you’re up. I’ve read many books with very many more words that meant far less than this with its mysterious theme. In a world full of banality, it’s nice to have something that hints at something more. We hope you agree.

    Hawkwood Books 2021

  • The Cover Artist

    The Cover Artist

    Desislava Georgieva is a Bulgarian illustrator and designer, specializing in narrative and children’s book art. Having always loved drawing and telling stories, she pursued higher education in the UK and graduated with a BA degree in Illustration, followed by an MA degree in Children’s Literature: Children’s Book Illustration in 2019. Desislava enjoys making illustrations of all kinds, from watercolour paintings to stylized book covers, and draws inspiration from everything and everyone around her.

    Cover Artist

  • The Illustrator

    The Illustrator

    Emily Woodthorpe is a British illustrator based in Nottingham. Given her passion for drawing and writing, she gained a degree in Illustration in 2018 and an MA in Creative Writing in 2020. She likes to work with ink and digital software and is inspired by Victorian ink drawings combined with some contemporary illustration to create a classic storybook feel. She also drinks a lot of tea.

  • Mount Fuji

    Mount Fuji

    Cover Artist

  • An Empty Heart

    An Empty Heart

    Cover Artist