One of Us

Naughty Luce, a dancer at the Black Cat’s Theatre, gets herself into all kinds of adventures.

This time, it’s all about the other girl: at the theatre, where she has to fight for every man’s attention, hers and others, and at the crime scene in the Notting Hill of 1930s London, where being young and pretty can be fatal.

Will the lace be transparent enough? Will the murderer be confronted? And will Luce and her lover finally say “I love you”?

Age Range: Adult
Size: 111mm x 178mm
Format: Paperback Original
Pages: 112
Word Count: 23,000
Published: October 2018
ISBN: 978-1-908577-82-5
RRP: UK £5.99

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Barney had many powers over me, but perhaps the main one was that he made me laugh.

  • Extract: Burlesque

    Extract: Burlesque

    The girls of the second group were already waiting in the wings. As we changed into our Happy Feet tap dance routine costumes, they got to lounge in the moonlight, their bodies covered in glittering black gauze, rippling like a magical lake or so many chiselled sculptures.
    Flora and Bridget were lying on the outer revolves, staying at stage level. Tina and Greta, still as statues, were standing on revolving elevators that Mrs Huff had recently had installed. In that eerie atmosphere, their bodies shone in the pale moonlight, rising and lowering to the beat of the music. Norma lay on a raised platform; her white body on black silk reminded me of a tomb.

  • Author


    Cecily Riley, a journey towards writing.
    I started writing in my early teens, the imaginary worlds I summoned up being far more interesting and kind than life at school. I kept with it, going from novellas to poetry, from novels to plays and movie scripts until, like two comets meeting and sending off sparkles, the ideas of a) sexy novellas and b) a dancer named Naughty Luce came together in June 2017. Ever since then, I have been with those characters, listening to their adventures and trying to keep up with writing them down.

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