The Priest

Naughty Luce, a dancer at the Black Cat Theatre, gets herself into all kinds of adventures.

This time, it’s all all about redemption: at the theatre where the girsl work and in the slums of 1930s London.

Will the murders of two girls be avenged? And will Luce and her lover see eye to eye once more?

Contains scenes of an explicit nature.
Fifth in the Secrets of a Dancing Girl series.

Age Range: Adult
Size: 111mm x 178mm
Format: Paperback Original
Pages: 112
Word Count: 23,000
Published: October 2019
ISBN: 978-1-908577-91-7

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I had seen Barbara alive and well, or mostly well, at The Ivy House the day before yesterday. Who wanted her dead?

  • Extract: Hackney Hospital

    Extract: Hackney Hospital

    The next day, rain was pouring, despite it being July. As I was walking with him to the station, I had the feeling that our encounter had left a memory deep within me. I knew that it would grow to haunt me if I let nature run its course. Images of the Hackney Hospital flashed before my eyes. I suppressed any such memories before I became sick. Also, these visitations had been known to take care of themselves if the little visitor found the environment not to its liking. Whilst that might have been a sad experience for a couple looking to have a child, for a dancing girl, it was less so.

  • Author


    Cecily Riley, a journey towards writing.
    I started writing in my early teens, the imaginary worlds I summoned up being far more interesting and kind than life at school. I kept with it, going from novellas to poetry, from novels to plays and movie scripts until, like two comets meeting and sending off sparkles, the ideas of a) sexy novellas and b) a dancer named Naughty Luce came together in June 2017. Ever since then, I have been with those characters, listening to their adventures and trying to keep up with writing them down.

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