Act of Charity

by Aidan Rami

Life is precious, and the taking of it has terrible consequences. For those affected, it can mean a seismic shift of faith and understanding,

Set in the London Borough of Hackney with all its cross-cultural complexity, Act of Charity is a compelling and moving crime drama, sometimes shocking, sometimes touching, always gripping; a slow-burning thriller peopled by the best and worst of humanity.

Age Range: Adult
Size: 198mm x 129mm
Format: ‘B’ paperback
Pages: 368
Word Count: 146,000
Published: November 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9566342-1-4
RRP: UK £7.99

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She’d assumed that she was dealing with reason and conscience whereas what confronted her was an utterly alien absence of both.

  • Extract: An Inspector’s Childhood

    Extract: An Inspector’s Childhood

    Hackney was already frighteningly busy, Queensbridge Road, like most of the routes into the city, thick with cars. The borough was up and coming, a gateway to the city of London, but it had been up and coming for decades without ever having up and come. In this respect it was unlike its richer neighbour Islington which wore a mantle of respectability, even though both boroughs faced similar problems with areas of great wealth alongside those of shameful poverty.

    Richmond Road was a long, typical Hackney Road full of impressive brick houses built to last a thousand years but already in need of some TLC. There were no shops and few distinguishing features, apart from the bridge itself, and that was hardly Golden Gate, yet Faraday knew this was Hackney and could probably have said so even if he’d been blindfolded. There was something in the layout of the roads, despite the fact that Queensbridge was arrow straight, in the style of the houses and in the very air of the borough that he recognised.

    He’d played in these streets when he was a boy, gone to school at Homerton and imbibed East London into his veins. And yet he felt as if he were a stranger, as if his thoughts didn’t quite tally with the locals, assuming there were any ‘locals’ in this pot of cultures, melting or otherwise.

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Book dedications have always intrigued me, but so far I’ve never seen a website dedication. Perhaps this is the first. As it says in The Last Garden, “So special, so loved, so missed.” This little dedication is For Ana.